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31 January 2018

Housewarming Decoration Ideas

You’re buying a new house, and you want to invite people over to see and celebrate your new home. If this is your first home, you may never have thrown a housewarming party before, and you may be wondering where to begin. A housewarming party can be relaxed, fun and budget-friendly if approached with a good attitude and a realistic plan.

1.Planning the Party

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  • You should start keeping a guest list before you start working on the invitation. Be sure you include any friends, family, and coworkers that you would like to invite into your new home.
  • Limit the guest list to the number of guests appropriate for the amount of space you have available.
  • It is good to have people in your home soon after you move in, but not too soon. You should have time to unpack, decorate, and clean most of the house.
  • Invitations should be sent at least 2 weeks ahead of time for most parties. Shorter notice can be given if the party is more casual/informal.Use social media or an electronic invitation service if you want to send electronic invites and cut down on party-related expenses
  • Most house-warming parties feature finger foods that people can munch on as they are mingling, seeing your new house, and drinking.Consider the time of your party when planning for food. If your party takes place at a common mealtime, guests may expect to be fed. For example, a party that takes place from 4-9 should probably provide a full meal for dinner.
  • Consider catered food if your budget allows. You can take some of the pressure off of your party planning by hiring a professional to cook the food for you. Just be sure you know how to serve the food properly and make arrangements to pick up the food or have it delivered on the day of your party.
  • Decide what drinks you will serve. Check your guest list and decide what kinds of drinks to provide based on the preferences of your guests. If you plan to serve alcohol, be sure to also have a few nonalcoholic options available.If serving alcohol, provide a variety of options, such as both red and white wine and two or three kinds of beer.

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2.Preparing Your Home

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  • Unpack your boxes. Be sure your home is ready for people to see it. If you do not have time to unpack every box, at least try to unpack the main areas that party guests will be in your kitchen, dining room, living room, and guest bathroom.
  • Decorate your home. Even though people understand that your home may not be 100% perfect when they come over, you should make an effort to have some décor hung. Completely bare walls often make a home look unwelcoming, so hanging pictures or décor can make the difference between an unfinished and a polished look for your new home.
  • Provide some finishing touches. A few well-placed candles, a stocked powder room, and some quality music playing can make all the difference in your guests’ perception of your new home.
  • Make yourself presentable. While people will be looking mostly at your home, it’s important that when you host a party, you look nice yourself too. Dress in comfortable but flattering clothing. If you’re cooking, you may want to wear an apron to protect your clothing from food stains.

3.Interacting with Guests

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  • Greet each guest who arrives yourself. Though you may have a lot to do, it’s nice to greet and welcome each arriving guest into your home yourself, rather than having another guest let them in. This is their first impression of your new home, and greeting them yourself sets the best tone for the party.
  • Offer each guest a drink. When each guest arrives, offer him a drink. Give an overview of the options and offer to pour a drink for him. If he declines initially, show him where the drinks are and encourage him to help himself whenever he is ready.
  • Offer guests a tour of your home. You may want to wait until a small group has arrived so that you don’t have to give as many individual tours. Guests love to see all of the rooms of your new home, including closets and pantries.
  • Put the finger food out on tables. You may want to put all the food out at once, but you can also put food out in waves. You could start with 2 or 3 food trays, then add to them or provide new things as the evening progresses. Encourage your guests to eat and ask them about any dietary restrictions or allergies as you direct them towards the different food options.
  • Mingle with everyone. Try not to spend too much time with any one party guest, but circulate around and speak with everyone. Be sure all your guests know each other, and if you are introducing two people who have never met, try to point out something that you think they may have in common.
  • Serve dinner when you feel the time is right. If you plan to serve a sit-down meal, try to serve it at the appropriate time. Most of your guests should have arrived, but no one should have been there long enough that they feel ready to leave.

4.Following the Party

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  • Clean your house. Sometimes conscientious party guests will help you clean up before they leave, but if they do not, you may have a rather large mess on your hands after the party. Try to clean at least one room before you go to bed, and clean the rest of the house the next day.
  • Write thank you notes. You might want to thank any guest who attended your party, but you should definitely send a note to anyone who brought you a housewarming gift. Mailed notes are more formal, but even an email note shows a personal touch.
  • Enjoy your new home. One of the nice things about hosting a housewarming party is basking in the glow of the idea that everyone loved your new home. Take some time to enjoy the moment, and enjoy your new home. Remember that this party is going to be just one of many memories that will take place in the home.

Source: WikiHow

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